#Justise4All No. 1

⟦On the anti-refugee movement⟧

via a comment thread:

...I will be quite blunt, but contrary to the idea that this country has a balanced, humanitarian outlook...the American thing to do would be to absolutely refuse to harbor innocent people seeking asylum, choosing instead to bolster the defense of our national interests, thereby securing our economy. Are we all blind? The American way, if we haven’t noticed, seems to be racked with religious exceptionalism, racial superiority, Western Supremacy, sexual suppression, a not-so-broken political system run by crony capitalist oligarchs, a criminal justice system rife with the intent of keeping uppity Black & Brown people in their place, a practically unbreakable, perfectly tiered caste system, and - in recent years - a wildly idiotic, acutely ignorant form of Islamophobia. We destabilize whole regions of the world for our social, economic, and political benefit, then turn around and cry “terrorism” when people from those regions finally decide that the only way to push back against the oppressive powers of the First World & the dilapidated state of their own sovereign nations is to ascribe to an admittedly violent form of religious extremism, the likes of which the world has apparently decided it’s never seen before, or if it has, is now claiming shock & awe at these so-called animals.

We were OK with having people come into this country when we knew we had the power and influence to subjugate them to our monolithic, blindly patriotic way of life. We were OK with immigrants we could kick around while we forced them to work for a grossly unsatisfactory living wage, when we could summarily police & pressure them to do the bidding of the White privileged classes under pain of incarceration or death, all the while continuing to violently persecute and subjugate People of Color to the delight & satisfaction of their oppressors. We were OK with granting these constant waves of new workers some rights, but never really allowing them full assimilation into the long-established hierarchies of the industrialized world (and, again, still keeping the Black & Native American strongly under foot). That we have half the country now starting to show its true colors in regards to these individuals who do need our help - that nature being that said half is really not as kind, or Christian, or generous, or understanding as they pretend to be - is merely a reflection of a distinctly American sentiment that is as traditional an institution as the Declaration itself. This anti-immigrant movement is an old tale being told with new people to hate, and it very much satisfies our country’s history, if looked at with a cold eye (mine, if you haven’t noticed, is getting colder by the day).

...we have plenty of homegrown terrorists; last time I checked, White Supremacist & serial murderer Dylan Roof had a body count far higher than the Tsarnaev brothers. But one must wonder if the “monsters” we say are “sneaking in” to our country aren’t the culmination of decades, indeed, centuries, of a way of life that has produced its own monstrous collateral damage and led to the creation of organizations like the Islamic State.

Please note that our military involvement in Africa and the Middle East has racked up a innocent casualty count that far exceeds any terrorist acts on our soil within the past several years...

⟦On recent op-ed's regarding reactions to terrorism⟧

via a comment thread:

...To say that people are wrong for suggesting that Western imperialism is the root of all evil may be accurate, but the wraparound dialogue that basically bolsters the efficacy and convenience of a crony capitalist structure that thrives on the continued symbiotic, murderous oppression of others to the benefit of an oligarchic ruling class is completely wrong and smacks of caste-based ignorance. It is specifically because of the racist, classist, and capitalist gleanings of World powers like France, England, Israel, and the United States, that the Near & Middle East, Africa, and Asia, are wracked with countries that continue to experience horrific terrorism in the midst of their perpetual destabilized status as 3rd world entities. There is no way for [New York Times op-ed writer] Mr. Krugman to ever be able to understand what it’s like to live as a violently subjugated class of human being such as a persecuted non-Muslim in the Middle East, or a Person of Color in the US, which makes it easier for editors like him to utter what are clearly ill-informed, plutocratic statements about the wonders of what is essentially a doomed Dystopia. To impart that we, as a superpower, SHOULDN’T stop meddling in foreign affairs the way we have, is a logical fallacy. White Western Supremacy is an incontrovertible, irrefutable primary reason as to WHY we are dealing with issues concerning extremist terrorism from these regions in the first place.

⟦On Kirk Franklin's comments about the Black American Church's persecution of the LGBT/SGL community⟧

LGBT = Lesbian/Gay/Bisexual/Transgeder
SGL = Same Gender Loving

Anti-LGBT/SGL rhetoric from the Black Church is transference of oppression and discrimination experienced by Black American Christians at the hands of White Supremacy. Specifically, the economic component of LGBT/SGL creative people contributing to the Black Gospel idiom and simultaneously being harshly criticized for their identity is a textbook example of Supremacist capitalism at work. The Newsflash is that the White Jesus many so called Black Christians worship every Sunday isn't going to save your Gay son or Transgender cousin. Put simply, THEY have a better chance of this hyper-aggrandized concept of salvation than the people judging them, since they choose to walk in their truth and speak honest love and self acceptance. I'm so tired of this tired story. Everybody please, wake UP. Whatever faith you follow, without works, good works, honest works, it is DEAD. Walk the walk or sit the hell down.

#Justise4All #PeopleFixTheSystem #BlackLivesMatter