All about the what? Oh yeah, that.


I love that thanks to sites like Twitter and Facebook, I can keep tabs on my fellow colleagues and what they're up to. I'm noticing that as the year comes to a close, the 2010 hustle for many is all about that paper stack. Money. Cash. Cheese. Dough. Those coveted rectangular pieces of minted paper that determine our worth, economic standing, and class. And in one sense, I am happy to see my music-mates start thinking more along business lines.

But only in one sense.

What I'm also seeing, unfortunately, is a marked turn away from the important values that brought us to this business; the passion, the love, the desire, the hunger to make art and have it be received by engaged listeners. OK, CLEARLY, this is nothing new, and I'm not surprised by it, nor am I angry. I think what I feel is just a poignant acknowledgment that due to today's dire economic times, there's going to be alot of my contemporaries who are going to make some hard compromises in regards to their music & artistic vision. This is being coupled with an understandable yet strange boost in ego & arrogance. That is to say, these people are now seemingly all-of-a-sudden the end-all-be-all when it comes to what they do, therefore, a fee should not only be expected, it is asinine to think you'd be getting something for free from them.


Let's be very, VERY clear about one thing when it comes to me and why I'm here doing what I do: I love it. I don't understand all the reasons why I love it, but I do. Like I've said in many posts & blogs before, if I chose to make a different path in music, such as traditional composition, opera performance, or teaching music, not only would I still be happy, money would come quicker and with far more ease. But for me, pop music is not only a passion, it is a challenge that I wake up every day happy to face. Finding that right formula for a song, a beat, a mix...it's all fuel for that fire. So I'm trekking that path to find those formulas and make great pop music. Not for the cash - I wanna be comfortable in this game, trust - but for the sheer love of it.

So, my fellow music-heads and hustlers, remember, this money-thing some of you are lusting after, it's so temporal it's not even funny. I could go off on a super-tangent about how the dollar bill is actually in danger of crashing completely and will render our paper stack utterly useless, but I don't want to scare you (Do a Google search on: The Amero). But even if our economic system survives and booms again, I promise it will be so much more rewarding for all of us if we keep focusing on the passion that brought us to this place. Seriously, the payout will mean so much more.

Two things I want to leave you with here pals:

1. In this business, you are expendable: if you reach out and grab more than you can hold, you may get slapped on the wrist. Not only slapped, but possibly cut up at the fingers. Your talent is always measured by what the current successful members in your field can do, and this will always call into question your fees. No, you have nothing to prove to yourself, and God has blessed you with talent & skill, but pride and greed are both big sins that can really screw you over.

2. Never rule out the barter system: To be honest, it's one of my favorite ways to work. Yes, I charge where I think it's appropriate, and thanks to my experiences and knowledge, I know how to appropriately negotiate my money. But when working on my level (unsigned indie), it's always a great relationship-builder to do an even exchange of goods & services so as to better both parties involved. We can always find something we need from each other in this business, why not work that out?

Take it as you will, and you may not agree, Oh Chaser of the Paper, but I hope that I made you think, at the very least.


Diversity = Music = Love

I am so happy to see that my number of fans is steadily increasing. On Facebook alone I'm past 600 P. Murray pals, having only reached 500 not more than several weeks ago. It's such a blessing and an amazing feeling to know that people are interested in what you do, enough to want to actually lock into your web presence. I don't know where I'd be without you guys; you are a major part of the ball of Reason that drives my work, and are invaluable, awesome, and just plain COOL. Thank you is too coarse for what I feel.

In addition to these wonderful climbing numbers, what I love about the pals who are tuned in to my music & updates is the sheer diversity of the fanbase. There are folks on my list that I'm sure, if aware of each other, might run the other way, were it not for something that could bring them together (in this case, my music & randomness, LOL). I've got hardcore conservative Republican fundamentalist Christians in a pool with the agnostic gays, some of whom are about to get married (for which I am UBER excited). I've got some of the most deeply pro-Black indie hip-hop bruthas rocking to my pop tunes right along with pre-teen Irish girls. And this, my friends, is the most beautiful thing about music: the ability to bring us all together.

In the coming months, I will be really upgrading and revamping alot of the personal and stage imagery that goes along with the upcoming EP. I want to be able to create art on stage in ways similar to people like Janelle Monae, where you know the music is going to satisfy the avid listener, but also entertain those of you who crave that great stage show. The reason behind this is because of the things I mentioned above; the mark of a great pop artist - in my opinion - is to be able to find common ground with a diverse fan base. And as someone who is always music-focused, I pray and am confident that I will be able to strike that happy medium between good music and inspiring performance.

So, my wonderful Pals, to you I owe even more thanks, because the hard work that will be going into cultivating the P. Murray live experience can most definitely be accredited to you. Your various creeds, thoughts, backgrounds, and experiences are duly noted and will be used to bring to life "First Draft," as well as all that is to come after. Keep rockin' with me, there's much to do, but there will be lots to enjoy!


I'm performing THIS SUNDAY 12/20! Are you coming??


P. Murray LIVE THIS SUNDAY 12/20! from P. Murray on Vimeo.

I hope you can come join me THIS SUNDAY as I perform with Dy'Ari Volumes, Seanmichael Rodgers, Cordell H. McClary, Joey J-Harris Fleming, and friends at Soulstice!

Event: SOULSTICE (presented by Dy'ari & C2EANY)
Date: Sunday, December 20, 2009
Time: 6pm SHARP
Address: 271 W 119 Street, NYC

**Tickets: $20**
--Yes, this is pricey, we know. All proceeds are going to help establish & fund the New York chapter of the Campaign to End AIDS.--


A Song of Love & Hope: Lyrics to "Fallen Angel"


Fallen Angel

Lyrics: SeanMichael Rodgers
Music: M. Rodgers, JP Murray


Some of us are broken...
Non of us are perfect...
We all have misspoken,
Done things we regret,


Don't ever let a trial keep you in denial;
You're the best thing that's ever happened to me.
In case you didn't know it,
Here's your chance to show that
You are what I see


When I look into the eyes,
The eyes of a fallen angel,
(I can see her cry, I can hear her cries)
Even though her wings don't fly,
She's telling me I should try, tonight.


I know that you're hurting
You wanna run away and never return
I know you think their laughing
I know the ego is burning


Don't ever let a trial keep you in denial;
You're the best thing that's ever happened to me.
In case you didn't know it,
Here's your chance to show that
You are what I see.


When I look into the eyes,
The eyes of a fallen angel,
(I can see her cry, I can hear her cries)
Even though her wings don't fly,
She's telling me I should try, tonight.


When I look in the mirror
I see a vision of me nobody seems to see.
They all say they know me,
They all wanna show me...
But when I look at you
I see so clearly this is where you should be.
Yea, you're broken,
But you're no token (Cuz when I look at you)


I'm looking in the eyes,
The eyes of a fallen angel;
Even though you wings don't fly,
You've lifted me beyond the sky...

And now I'm ready, ready to fly...


Because of you
I'm a better man
I am better than
And it's all because of you

'Cause you're still an angel...