Saggers are NOT the problem

So young men wearing saggy pants are ruining society? And they're the ones we need to watch out for when it comes to our safety & wellbeing?


Bernie Madoff pleaded guilty to 11 Federal charges, including fraud, money laundering, perjury, and theft. It is believed that he willingly swindled his investors and affiliate organizations out of their assets to the tune of billions of US Dollars, destroying the financial lives of countless Americans in the process.

Former United States Army psychiatrist and Medical Corps Officer Nidal Hasan took the lives of 13 people and seriously injured dozens of innocent bystanders when he opened fire at Fort Hood, Texas, "with a high-powered, high-capacity handgun he had fitted with laser sights." (Wash. Post 8.28.13) He has since been sentenced to death for his crimes.

In 1992, murderer and serial rapist Jeffrey Dahmer was tried & eventually convicted of raping, torturing, and viciously killing 15 people, most of them Gay or Bisexual men. This, apparently, was his method of "dealing" with his own issues regarding his sexual orientation. He was later killed in prison by a fellow inmate.


It's harsh, I know, but the reason I pointed this out is because I'd bet money NONE of these men were a part of the so-called "sagger problem" in our country. In fact, all three men were subject at one point or another to wear some sort of uniform or suit in order to conduct their daily business. Not only did their outward appearance allow them access to otherwise personal information & individuals, it provided them the perfect cover to CONTINUALLY commit their crimes of choice. To boot, these men were educated and did not come from struggling families, as so many Americans feel are also part of the problem with so-called "saggers." They were calculated in their actions, and unapologetic or indifferent when handed their punishment.

So before you decide to join the Don Lemon brigade and tell young Men of Color to "pull up their pants," take a good look at some history books & criminal court cases. Chances are you should probably stop complaining about the guy whose clothes you don't like and maybe keep an eye out for the suspicious smiling guy in the nice blazer. -_-

#STOPJUDGING #MindYourOwnBusiness