#Justise4All No. 12

⟦Guest Post: From the Desk of Netic⟧

*NOTE: Artist and Colleague Netic certainly lives up to the term, “Jack of All Trades,” having made a name for himself in various areas of creativity and public life. But even though we share mutual friends in the business, it’s his uncompromising worldview that I have found to be extremely poignant as well as ridiculously accurate, and not just because I agree with his perspective. That said, the following is his response to a racist picture taken recently, shown here. As I’ve said before, I am no longer here to pander to anyone’s fragility, so while no one person is going to agree 100% with another on even the most comparable of issues, my disclaimer of Netic’s views being his own is with the primary hope that you will engage his thought process, or, at the very least, consider what he has to say as opposed to dismissing it because of its strong verbiage. With this in mind, this is probably *NSFW* and should be read on your lunch break if you’re on the clock. Enjoy

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Dear White People:



Racism is not a Black/Brown problem. We have other problems, we have shit we gotta fix on our end, but racism isn't our issue.

This is on y'all.

This is your legacy of savagery, and when you stay quiet, you're letting it [become] your present savagery. If you don't stand up and take issue, that shit is gonna be your undoing. People think focusing on race issues is dividing the country. I've even heard White people whisper [about their] fear of a Race War.

Well guess what?
Can't be a “Race War" if White people are standing up against racist White people with everyone else. Punch ya friend in the face if he says some racist shit, I've punched my friends in their face for crossing lines. This is how we learn…If your friend is racist/sexist, you're most likely racist/sexist too. If your friend beats women and you don't step up against that action, you beat women. If you do nothing then you did everything.


I'm not easy, people are cautious around me because they know I ride for what's right and I don't care who it is, where I am, or what it jeopardizes. If it feels wrong to me, if it feels like the Devil, I'll slay it. Fuck your comfort, fuck my comfort, fuck it all. I'm not compromising my integrity because you chose to compromise yours. Don't cheat on your wife around me. Don't lie in my presence. Don't let you inner devil out in front of me. I will take a Devil’s head because by doing so, it removes the Devil in Self.

I am no better than anyone else. I have just committed my self to slaying the Devil within. White people, slay this Devil that grows in you and your people. We have our own demons from racism and sexism and gender shit we gotta deal with. [We’ve] got a slave [and] religious mentality that we have to fight, we have work to do.

But don't burden us with your work, too.

We got our own shit.
Clean up your shit.

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