Don't Be Bitter. Be Better.


I was wondering how I was gonna kick off my series of blogs for the New Year. To all my faithful reading Pals, I do apologize for the wait, but you all know half the time one of these is equivalent to 4-5 posts from the other guys, at least in length (heheheh...). Of course, the industry buzz is always a good place for intellectual fodder, and I just came across something that sparked my interest. Per my norm, I will not be too specific, but I will say that these thoughts came from a first listen to a new single from a popular male vocalist. My musical snob side dictated I should close out the window and do something more productive after about the first 20 seconds, but my curious side had me stay and listen to the whole cut, if only to form a full opinion, and it is this: Why so bitter?

In my time as a Pop music recording artist and creator, I have been truly blessed to achieve some of the milestones I set out to achieve in a relatively short period of time. Part of it is hard work & grind, but I know that it is mostly because I'm being guided by the Big Man (aka G.o.d.). Even so, from a NUMERICAL standpoint, these milestones do not compare in any way to the setbacks & disappointments I have faced in this journey. The ratio of "No's" to "Yes'" I've received in this business is probably around 100 to 1. However, in all this rejection & struggle, I have learned more than ever how to appreciate and be thankful for the accomplishments. So I suppose that's where my rub is with this artist and his recent music.

With the industry in its present state, anyone working to be part of it has to know that working with thick skin is practically an understatement. There are SO many terrible things that can happen to you along your path to your dreams. These things can completely warp your perception of success & failure, integrity & dishonesty, and right & wrong. Let's be real, with the game as transparent as it is, we see now more than ever the dark, ugly side to celebrity and fame. This is why it is so important to be grounded in your morals & goals, whatever they may be. It is even more important to not let it get to you, as it has apparently gotten to this artist. The bitterness & jaded mental state in which he resides is clear & apparent on this record, and from my experience, such anger will only seek to consume one's sanity; and that is all it takes to become one of the "lost ones" in the business.

So, with all this in mind, I would say to this artist and others who may be feeling the same way: "I feel your anger, and I've been there. Now it's time to let it go." If you know in your heart that your true passion is to bring music to the masses, then I promise that no force on this earth will be able to stop you. Except yourself. Being bitter and garnering contempt for the industry into which you have propelled yourself will only backfire and make you out to be the bad guy. Now if that's what you want, then by all means be my guest. But my feeling is that none of us really want to be the industry antagonist, and I know my network of creators only want to make good music. SO...when we feel like setbacks are set to make us bitter, use that energy, convert it into hard work, and make yourself better. You'll thank yourself for it when you make it.